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Drone Filming | Drone Video | Aerial Work

Harness the power of modern technology and capture stunning footage from a bird’s-eye view. Our drone videos are ideal for corporate promos, events, real estate presentations, construction documentation, and much more.

What kind of videos will I shoot for you?

Aerial Photography

We enable you to see the world through entirely new eyes. We photograph landscape panoramas, buildings, and areas. Let yourself be captivated by photographs from a bird’s-eye view.

Aerial Video

Our drone videos bring stunning footage for your corporate and private videos. When you’re looking for a professional and unique way to present your project, drone video is the right solution!

Real Estate Video

Bring a competitive advantage to your business with captivating drone footage and let the market be enchanted by your property. High-quality 4K recordings will showcase your property from the best possible perspective

Height Inspections

Very fast and contactless performance of inspections. In the areas of infrastructure, construction, energy, industry, and agriculture. Drones can replace human work, which is relatively complex and dangerous in this case.


Drone Pilot

My name is Pavel.

I’m a cameraman, editor, drone pilot.

I’m happy to help your project stand out with original video. I shoot

commercial and product videos, promo videos, wedding videos, and document unforgettable moments from your events and gatherings.

I’m a creative and innovative enthusiast who loves experimenting with modern technology.

I approach each project individually to understand its goal and deliver a professional result. I have years of experience. Among the most significant projects are shooting for Czech Television, SUBWAY, ANECT, and CEVRO.



IČ: 08460701  • Tel: +420 720 230 250  E: