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Terms and Conditions

Videographer: Pavel Kural, Kralupská 1714, Brandýs nad Labem, 250 01, VAT ID: 08460701, non-VAT payer. By filling out and submitting the contact form, the client confirms that they have read and agree to these terms and conditions. A purchase contract is concluded upon confirmation of the order by the seller. Confirmation of the order is delivered to the client’s email. In case of any changes to the confirmed order, it is necessary to contact the seller to arrange the cancellation of the order and create a new one.

Provision of the video: The video is provided to the client for download via an internet link for a period of 14 days or is uploaded to the YouTube/Vimeo platform. The videographer may provide the video on a portable flash drive, but it is not mandatory. The videographer is not obliged to keep the video for more than 30 days. The client agrees to the filming and publication of the video and obtains consent from all persons present during the filming.

Complaints: Damage to the image or sound can be claimed. In such a case, the right to a refund of a proportionate amount up to 40% applies. Complaints must be reported within 7 working days of the delivery of the work. Recordings are not stored for more than 90 days.

Creativity and responsibility: The video author has freedom in the creative processing of the video. The videographer is not responsible for factors beyond their control. The client is obliged to provide all information about the wedding day. The videographer cannot be held responsible for unforeseen events or third-party interventions.

Reservation and deposit: To confirm the reservation of the date, it is necessary to pay a deposit in the agreed amount, which is deducted from the final video price. The remaining amount is due within 7 days after the wedding day. The reservation is valid only after written confirmation by the videographer and is non-refundable.

Date changes and deposit refund: Date changes are possible in case of force majeure. Refund of the deposit is possible in full or partial amount in certain situations specified in the terms and conditions. In case of date change, no additional fee is required.


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