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I’m Pavel, and I’m happy to help your project shine with original video. I shoot commercials, product videos, promo videos, wedding videos, and document unforgettable moments from your events and gatherings.

My work is also my greatest hobby. Among my biggest projects are shooting for Czech Television, instructional videos for SUBWAY, regular shoots for ANECT, or conference recordings for Estat. Additionally, I love shooting wedding films – I film around 15 weddings every year.

Apart from my passion for filming, I enjoy an active lifestyle, the company of friends, and exploring new places while traveling. I’m a passionate creative with an eye for detail and a desire for constant improvement. The world of video and photography has fascinated me since my early years, and I’ve turned this passion into a professional career.


Užlabina Secondary Technical School
Electrical Engineering


Czech University of Life Sciences


Behind the camera since

Although my formal education is in the fields of electrical engineering and informatics, these skills have provided me with a solid technical foundation, which I utilize in working with modern video technology and post-production software.



Completing the Full Time Filmmaker course, led by renowned filmmaker Parker Walbeck, opened the door for me into the world of videoproduction. This intensive course, with over 700 videos, covers all aspects of filmmaking from basics to advanced techniques.


I have completed a course and passed the exams to obtain the Remote Pilot Competency Certificate A2, enabling me to perform aerial work. This certification includes training and practical exams at the airport, confirming my qualification and ability to safely and professionally operate drones.


I have completed the JPM Live Academy by Justin Porter, where I learned advanced techniques of documentary-style wedding videography. This course provided me with deep knowledge in pre-production, production, and post-production, along with access to exclusive live workshops and group mentoring sessions.

Do you want to bring your story to life? Contact me, and together, we’ll turn it into a fantastic video!”


IČ: 08460701  • Tel: +420 720 230 250  E: